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At Female Rights we’re raising awareness of the importance of recognising and retaining the biological sex rights of women and girls and promoting initiatives to peacefully but stridently support the drive to raise the profile of the new millennium women's movement  We believe in the scientifically proven truth that females are born a unique biological and reproductive sex class of the human race and that our human rights as biological females are being infringed upon from society with the loss of our single sex spaces and women's privacy.  Protecting and re-instating our female biological sex rights laws are some of the most pressing issues facing today’s society. Please join us by supporting our efforts to create greater awareness of the unique needs and protections in law of our 50% of the human race, the unique reproductive and biologically female human species. Women and girls.


Female Rights Manifesto

FemaleRights knows that women's strength lies not only in the power of individual freedoms and her own life achievements but most importantly through the actions as a community we can take the initiative together to ensure that all rights and equality laws won during the historic women's liberation movement will be retained and protected for all future generations. In 2021 we realised that by working together we could more efficently overcome any new challenges to the rightful protections of adult women and girls to continue to flourish and live with equal opportunities in our societies and in order to enshrine in law our biological rights, in perpetuity, we ultimately decided to launch the Female Rights Party of Australia. 

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Bringing Change

FemaleRights is working to help the women of Australia and their families to ensure that their human rights and freedoms in society will remain recognised and their biological birth rights are protected in Australian and international laws. Learn more about what we do, how you can help, and how together we can work to promote positive change.

Women Holding Hands

Alert the public to law changes which endanger the biological rights of women & girls & erases recognition and community safety of all females.

One Step at a Time

Women in Workshop

Bringing females of all ages and cultures together. Working women are also grandmothers still caring for families and single mothers juggling jobs with day care

Helping bring women's biological rights back into the light.

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Three generations of women
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Mother Earth - Goddess of Life

"Human Females are Adult Women & our Mothers' wombs, breasts & bodies all help Create Life in this World. We are also Girls, Nieces, Aunties.& Sisters"

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